Monday, September 30, 2013

School clubs

September is the beginning of a new school year for us here in Egypt and also some other countries in the world. This year, Hafiz is in Year 1 which is equivalent to Standard 1 in Malaysia and he is only 5 YO!

So yes, he cant really read yet but i am pleasantly surprise that after a week of school he is able to catch up and has now begun to read on his own & he got the words right! Alhamdulillah. I was really worried if he couldnt catch up, mostly because i didnt do much of homeschooling as i thought i would during the summer break (which then turned into evacuation break :p).

Ok, the best part about starting primary school is the after school activities aka clubs!

There werent many options available which maybe due to the lack of tenaga pengajar, so we decided what's best for Hafiz according to 1. His interest 2. His needs 3. His timetable

Hafiz's interest is mainly Lego. The closest availble club that offers 'builing' skills is the salt dough making club. It sounds interesting enough but hafiz spebt most of his time with his Lego at home so we think it's best if he do something that is more physical.

Our top 3 choice:
1. Football
2. Tae kwon do
3. Art

Hafiz gets to enter maximum 2 clubs. Based on our preference, Hafiz was accepted to Football and Tae kwon do. He attended Tae Kwon do on Tuesday last week and surprisingly, he didnt like it. During the evacuation break Hafiz and Alya attented Tae Kwon do classes at their school in Kl and seemed to enjoy them but he didnt like it here. I sense that it must be because his bestfriend, Aayush is not in the club with him. 

So yes, being an overly concern and loving mum that i am (heehuu) i had requested for Hafiz to change from Tae kwon do to Swimming (he told me Aayush is Swimming club). Luckily, there was 1 spot still available for Y1 student. Pheww.

When deciding the clubs for Hafiz, we based on the 3 factors mentioned. However, honestly, for football, it is a must. Whatever is the 2nd choice, i'm ok with it. But football must be in. It's my hope to see Hafiz excel in this sport. I want him to be a great footballer, and able to play for Liverpool. Wah! X larats tau cita2 mama. Anyway, i am serious.

That feeling when i saw Hafiz dribbled the ball across the field up to the goal post this afternoon, that feeling of anticipation, mixed with a near-tear proudness, that feeling that's indescribable everytime i see my team almost scoring a goal and finally net in one.. And noe to see my own son did that...That feeling is priceless!

And i know hubby n i had made the perfect decision for Hafiz.


P/s: We're getting a new pair of jersey for Hafiz because 'it aint cool wearing school t-shirt for football, mama!'

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anak Wan Salleh said...

bestnye sekolah macam ni.. untung hafiz sebab dapat experience overseas education.

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