Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo

This place is like a Putrajaya di Egypt suatu ketika dulu. The Muhammad Ali mosque is said to be one of the most beautiful architectures in Egypt. It was designed by a Turkish, hence the mosque was influenced by Turkish designs mostly during the Ottoman empire. I think it is designed as the smaller version of the blue mosque. Again, for more (plus accurate) info, u n me can always google it away. Heeeehuuuuu..

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is located about 20-30 mins drive from our house in Maadi. In fact there are many other historic + ancient sites within Maadi vicinity. Come to think about it, we are actually living on a land before time! Eh, a land before century! (b.c.?) living in History! ok, scratch that. So what, right? Hahahaha! But i am amazed! Ok, whatever. Let's move on.

Moving on.......

The entrance ticket for non-egyptian is 50LE. I heard that For egyptians it's 5LE. U wont complain abt this marked difference once u see how majority of egyptians live.. Org2 kebanyakanlah. Dont compare dgn yg kayo rayo tu. itu kalau compare kena compare dgn datuk2 melayu lor.

Ok moving on again...

There were 2 mosques (or was it 3?) inside the citadel. And 2 museums. One is the Military Museum, the other is the Police Academy museum.. We only went to the Military museum. The museum, i believe, was once a palace. There were many doors and gigantic pillars! Its huuuugeee and a bit scary.. Maybe due to the dim lighting.. Hehehe.

Again, i am not a History fan, so we just walked by the antiques and paintings and busts and swords, medals, badges, uniforms, etc. Kekekeke. Oh, there are a few items that caught my attention. One of it is the model of Rasullullah S.A.W. sword. That was amazing!

After the visit to the museum, we went to the famous Muhammad Ali mosque. Based on descriptions on the web and my friend's review i had high expectations of how it would look like.. However, like other places in Egypt, it is always advisable to lower one's expectations. I'm not saying it isnt magnificent. It IS a piece of art! But my expectations go somewhat beyond that. Oh, maybe i just imagining too much.

something happened iduring our visit there that left me *celebrity-shocked*! While Hubby was praying (it was Dhuhr time when we arrived inside the mosque), i sat at a corner with the kids. Suddenly 2 small boys abt 8-10 yrs old came to me, asking abt Alya, her name & age. They told me Alya is very beautiful and i thanked them for their compliments. Then came some girls, also enquiring abt Alya. (Alya was doing her pretend play of i dont know what while Hafiz was lying down in his stroller and Aina was sleeping in her stroller..) i thought, oh ok, Alya got some fans here. And just seconds after that a throng of kids which i think were there on a school trip came swarming on us! They all requested to have a picture with Alya! Alya became an instant celebrity and she enjoyed it! Smiling endlessly with her sparkling eyes! Other than taking pictures, they touched her cheeks and hair...I was getting a bit anxious, as i couldnt keep my eyes on all my kids and i was scared if i let go of my sight,i might lose them in the crowd. I felt Hubby was praying longer than usual at that time.

All the celebrity treatment ended when Hafiz let out a big cry. The kids had also surrounded him in the midst of the photo taking session. And Hafiz, who has most of my blood running in him ( i believe so), hated the attention. Hihihihi. The kids dispersed upon seeing Hafiz crying out loud.

However, it didnt end there. There were kids that came to Alya and Aina wanting to take pictures when we were out of the mosque. Hafiz menyorok baek punya. The kids kept saying how lovely Alya and Aina are. Alhamdulillah. .. Tpkan budak2 yg ckp tu semua comel2 belaka. Anak2 Egyptian. Serius chomel!! Maybe they like Asians-looking children ;) one thing i learn from my celebrity-shock experience is ... Malays are beautiful too!! Hihihihi.. Eh.. What i learned is to be grateful
for who we are because they are ppl
Out there who likes us the way we are :)

Ok back to topic. kt dlm citadel xde tmpt mkn2. There are stalls though, selling junkfood and drinks and ice creams and sugar candies ;). So kalau nk mkn berat2 bolelar tapau n berpiknik kat museum nyer park.. There's a cafe inside tp it wasnt so inviting so we didnt check it out.

Kalau nak carik souvenirs, byk org jual at the entrance and exit gates. Most jual coin purse and papyrus papers. Ada yg jual baju yg style punjabi tu. we bought 5 pieces of coin purse valued at 5LE per piece. Ok lah the price ;)
You can also purchase souvenirs at the exit of the mosque. Just a few walk after the exit, there's a place (mcm benteng- i dont know how to describe it) where we could view some parts of Cairo.

Overall, it was a great experience despite my lacking of history knowledge. It wudve been greater if i knew the history of muhammad ali ruling, etc.

Kesimpulannya, if u ever thought of coming to Egypt, silalah selak Sejarah skit.. Kekkeek.. Oh, and also Geography.

I just knew that Egypt is on Benua Africa. All this while i thot it is on benua Asia.where did all my high school education go? When did i turn into a bimbo???

I guess it's true what they say, bila bersalin byk urat putus. One of it must be my urat PMR and SPM. Nasib baik urat UPSR survived.


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