Monday, March 04, 2013

How i potty-train my little todds

This was how i did it.

My son, Hafiz was 'naturally' potty-trained. He was fully off-diaper-ed at 4 YO. I have to thank the teachers at his previous school for that. They were the ones who had helped us by telling Hafiz to not wear diapers to school. Slowly, Hafiz began to like the idea of not wearing a diaper at home & while we were going out. I guess he feels much more comfortable without the straps on his tummy and the bulge on his bottom ;). The whole diaper-free process for Hafiz took a few months (because its a natural process - no strict rules applied on peeing or pooing) , i cant recall exactly when it started or when did we reached the milestone, but i am definitely sure that he is tottally diaper-free by December 2012 @ 4Y9MO. :) Alhamdulillah.

A different story for Alya.

I wanted her off diaper as soon as i was informed that hubby was going to be transferred to Egypt. And one of the 1st thing he told me -'Pampers kat Egypt ni mahal'.. Huhuhu. 2 things came to my mind:

1. Need to get Alya potty-trained asap!
2. Need to start cloth diapering for Aina!

And so i did both.

Alya just turned 3YO when i started her potty training. And it took her only 1 month to be fully diaper-free! I think it is an amazing achievement for her, dont u think so? If only i knew it only takes a month to potty train , i would've enforced it on Hafiz earlier. Hehehe.

What i did was:

1. I didnt put her diaper on her at all.
2. I kept asking her every 10-20 minutes whether she needs to go pee or poop.
3. Everytime she pees in the toilet, i gave her an imaginary star + kisses + hugs
4. Everytime she poops in the toilet, i gave her an imaginary moon + kisses + hugs. The size of the moon depends on the no. of her poo. That was her request. Hahahaha!
5. I kept telling her that she's a big girl now and big girls don't wear diapers.

Alya loved the reward part even though the stars and the moons were all imaginary. The hugs and kisses were realthough ;).. Initially i wanted to reward her with stickers but then i think it is a lot more fun this way. Sometimes i gave her 1 star, other times 5,sometimes the star is big, sometimes its purple, sometimes it shapes like a dinosaur, sometimes it becomes an apple - because it is imaginary, it can be anything!

The first 2 weeks, pee accidents did happen, but after that Alya had learned to control her blader. She would know when it is time to go. Sometimes accident jgk especially when she was busy playing or intensely watching TV.

Alya was fully diaper-free at 3Y2MO! :)

As of now, both kids are doing well. However Hafiz is still a bit lazy to go to toilet at night, in the middle of his sleep. So he would usually wet the bed. Alya can control her bladder pretty well and she usually wakes up with a dry diaper :)

For Aina, i've yet to train her.. She's only 14MO so i let her enjoy her diaperhood moments for now. Hehehe. Oh the cloth diapers were amazing, but i stopped using them for a month now, after trying for 3 months - because of leaking issue. I have yet to google on why it happen and how to best prvent it. Letih la everytime Aina shishi or yakyak mesti terkena seluar dia sekali.. And sometimes kena my baju. Menambahkan koje je. Hehehe.

Actually diaper kat sini mmg mahal but adalah brand local yg x berapa mahal sgt. Quality-wise sama je ;) but the sad part is i am contributing to more sampah sarap from the soiled diapers. Why am i concerned? Sbb there are ppl in Egypt yg hidup dlm sampah. Kesian n sedih sgt. The least we could donis kurangkan sampah but now i am contributing more.. :((((

I'll share the link later. X igt where i read abt it.

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