Saturday, February 02, 2013

Triple tantrum @ Carrefour!

Kids + shopping mall & market = total chaos!!!!

We've been avoiding shopping malls & big supermarkets for quite some time because of the above.

Tapi, today we needed to go to C4 utk beli serai. Serai x jual kat kedai lain kat Maadi ni. Org egypt tak guna serai kot dlm masakan dia. I need serai to cook my favorite dish - tom yam maaaa...

Dah berminggu menanti serai. Hari ni akhirnya ke C4. Tetiba budak2 ni tantrum x hengat. Hafiz sibuk nak toys (as usual), Alya tersentap lepas gula2 'ulat' dia jatuh, and Aina was okay until Alya n Hafiz wanted me to carry them! Hahahaha!! All eyes were on us but i couldnt be bothered. And malas nak layan kehendak nafsu drg esp yg toys tu. Toys kat sini even yg made in China tu pun mahal giler say NO to toys!

Maka tahanla telinga dan jiwa dgr derang menjerit, menangis, melompat dan berguling kat lantai Carrefour tu. Nak marah budak2 ni pun no point. Kang lagi huru hara kat situ. Lgpun saya memegang kata2 salah sorg forumer, 'marah budak2 ni mcm marah kat kepala lutut sendiri... Bukan nya drg dgr pun time tgh ngamuk2 tu'

Betul. Hahaha. And one more thing, i dont believe in public punishment atau public display of anger towards kids. Bukan sebab malu dgn diri sendiri, tp utk menjaga maruah anak2 kita. Percayalah, eventho they are kids, drg pun akan rasa malu kalau kita marah2 dia depan org ramai. Kesannya, drg bole jd low self esteem. Wallahualam. Ni dari apa yg saya bace on children psychology, and from my own childhood experience ;)

Back to tantrum @ C4. Papa awal2 dah ajak blk.

But i wanted my serai.

So gigihla melayan tantrum budak2 ni semata2 sbb serai.

Kesimpulannya, pada mereka2 yg berada di tanah tumpah darahku, hargailah serai2 yg ada di kedai runcit berdekatan rumah anda.

Sekian, tima kasih. Jom mkn coklat kasik release itu stresssss..this is the best chocolate i've ever tasted! Manufactured in 6th of October, Egypt. Yes, there's a place with the name '6th of October'. Cute.


im_an_ibu said...

Oh yes, that choc mmg sgt sedapppp!!! I mkn mase kat mekah. Sbb xpenah nampak kat msia. But i br jumpe kat msia. Yippie!!!

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