Thursday, January 31, 2013

Play at Home #3

Module: Lego

Objective: To master the skill to construct something using Lego so that we can justify (to Mama and Papa) the reason we should visit Legoland, Johor, Malaysia. (Hafiz likes to emphasize the Johor, Malaysia part) , somehow he knows the place is a bit far from KL)

When Legoland Malaysia was launched, my sister got free vouchers from Toys r Us that be exchanged for free entrance tickets for kids. she gave it all to me!

We had make plans to go there last year. But then hubby was out of country for 3 months n when he returned, we were busy with packing and settling a few stuff for our transfer to Cairo.. This is the one promise that i've made to my kids that i havent had the chance to grant it to them..

However, my kids are being very understanding. Since we moved to Cairo, they had never mentioned abt wanting to go to Legoland. It cud be because they are not exposed to Astro's Cartoon Network which never fail to air the Legoland commercial every singe day. When i asked whether they still want to go to Legoland, Hafiz and Alya would say,'tapi Legoland tu jauh jauh jauh sangat. Kat Johor, Malaysiaaaa...'

Hehehe. Tau takper.

Nevertheless, even after knowing that their dreams of going to Legoland soon mcm dah samar2, their love affair with Lego never ends.

And i'm glad it doesnt stop. I luv seeing them do all these beautiful constructions. I chip in to help here and there, usually becos Hafiz insisted that i play with him, but most of it are done by the kids' themselves.

I can see future architects/designers/innovators in the making! :)

Below are some of Hafiz's latest design .. ;)

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