Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mission Possible

I got culture shock when i got to know new friends here.

Ok, a little history about me and my social network.

I dont have many friends. Facebook friends tu mmg ramai, they are opl that i know from school, uni, work...

What i mean is The kind that i share stories and hang out with, have lunch, gossip, go to the movies,etc. I could count them just using my two hands.

The thing that makes it a bit more complex is- my friends are really 'diversified'.. A doesnt know B, and eventho B knows C, she prefers not to hang out with C and would rather have me alone, and then there's D and E whom i love so much but work always get in the way (their work lah, i'm not working anymore maa) so our time together is limited. And there's me who cant give my 100% commitment to socializing becos i got kids at home that needs me 24/7. So i cant always hang out at one go with all my close friends eventho there's only very few of them. To make matters complicated, most of them doesnt have whatsapp. Haish. So there goes my socialising effort.

Oklah, pjg noo citer. Kesimpulannya, i am an anti-social introvert. I avoid crowds as much as possible. And i choose my friends carefully because i jut do..huhu. I feel out of place in a room with outspoken ppl. I know only little about what's new and what's hot about fashion, brands, etc.

I was clueless and speechless when i first met the wives of hubby's friends in Cairo. And oh boy, it was an eye-opener for me. I should socialize more.

Like really. Hahahhaa.

My socializing 1st mission: get to know what's the social trend here. And get involve whenever possible. Get to know everyone. And learn abt fashion and brands.

I may not be a fashion diva when i completed my mission, but at least i can be a brands consultant one day.... Eh mcm tupperware consultant je.. Kekekeke! And for the most part, i'm hoping to create real lifetime friendship with the ppl here :)) insyaAllah..


Wan Amira said...

meanrik la dengar cerita u.. storry more please :) hows things there.

schazzy said...

thanx mira! bersemangat i nak update blog! hehehe..luv reading ur entries too! keep updating k ;)..ramai yg dah x update blog skang, sedey i~

im_an_ibu said...

Woho!!! Im guilty as charged!!!

schazzy said...

mmg specially dedicated for u che ah. hahahha! please update nowwwwwww!!! boring ni....sob sob..

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